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Unleash the value of your diagnostic or prognostic tests and A.I. algorithms for Lung cancer. Medip Lung provides a dynamic platform to simulate patient outcomes and measure cost-effectiveness, offering invaluable insights for your product's entire lifecycle

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With Medip Lung you can calculate and show the value of your Lung product for every setting. Whether your client is a large hospital or small clinic, is in Europe or the US, the platform can calculate and show the value of your product.

Diagnostic Impact
With the diagnostic impact module, you can show the impact of your product on diagnostic outcomes (taking into account the different Lung cancer categories) at different specifications of your test.
Health Impact
With our cost-effectiveness module, the short and long-term impact on Health, including survival and quality of life, is calculated.
Cost Impact
Using our cost-effectiveness module, the change in costs in the diagnostic and treatment pathway for Lung cancer is calculated.

Platform features

Save presets
Save the settings of the platform after consultation with a specific customer in your database
Invite others
Provide temporary access to the platform to your customer to gather even more insight in your product’s value
Optimize the value
Improve the value of your product by optimizing the specifications

At each stage of your product cycle


Potential value

Showcase the potential value of your product to convince investors and receive grants for further development of your product.

Optimize value

Optimize the value of your product by setting the optimal threshold for a positive test.

Convey value

Demonstrate the value of your product to healthcare professionals, hospital management and payers in each context of interest

Medip Lung can be a valuable tool for many important stakeholders in the healthcare field.

  • Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs)

    Secure the endorsement of Key Opinion Leaders in the field of Pulmonology and Radiology

  • Health care professionals

    Convince Pulmonologists and Radiologists of the added value of your product within the Lung cancer pathway

  • Hospital Management

    Show that your product provides value for money in the context of their specific hospital setting

  • Payers

    Demonstrate the cost-effectiveness for the payer’s customer segment

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