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Succeeding in the biotech and medtech industries goes beyond simply having a great product. It requires the articulation of the unique value of your technology to a variety of stakeholders. This value is not static, it evolves across contexts and over time. This asks for dynamic solutions. The software of Medip Analytics empowers you to demonstrate the true value of your technology in any setting, at any moment.

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Medical Technology

The goal of Medip Analytics

The complex landscape of Biotech and Medtech is a challenge. At Medip Analytics, we're here to turn that challenge into an opportunity.

Our primary mission is to elevate medical companies by highlighting the unique benefits and value of their technology. We don't just offer software – we provide a comprehensive solution that empowers your business.

Harnessing evidence-based insights, we can make the compelling case for your medical technology's impact and value. Our specialty is in dynamic analytics of your technology with respect to effectiveness, health outcomes, costs (cost-effectiveness), and resource use. Our solutions are adaptable, whether your target is a local hospital, a key opinion leader, a payer, or a countrywide healthcare system, our software can show what matters for them.

Being dynamic is key for a rapid market adoption and will pave the way for increased sales and successful business outcomes. With Medip Analytics, transform challenges into opportunities and stay ahead in the competitive medical technology landscape.

Our Software Solutions

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Medip Prostate

Platform for Health Economic Evaluations of Prostate Cancer Products

There is a wide variation in the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer. Furthermore, costs vary between countries and hospitals, impacting the value of a technology. With our Prostate Platform, companies can calculate and demonstrate the value of their diagnostic or prognostic products within each setting of interest.

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Medip Lung

Platform for Health Economic Evaluations of Lung Cancer Products

With the rise of lung cancer screening and advancements in early diagnosis, the landscape of lung cancer is rapidly changing. With our Lung Platform, companies can showcase the value of their diagnostic or prognostic products within this evolving setting.

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Medip Custom

Custom-built HTA/HEOR Software

Tailored to your specific needs, Medip Analytics is able to develop software to show the value of your product in a dynamic way. Our Software can be used to calculate cost-effectiveness or to determine the optimal location for implementing an innovation in the healthcare pathway. We have experience over a wide range of technologies and disease areas.

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Optimized Outcomes

Our Approach

At the heart of Medip Analytics lies "HEOR" – Health Economics and Outcomes Research. Utilizing this robust discipline, our strong scientific team, with over 10 years of experience and over 30 scientific publications, creates dynamic comparisons between your medical technology and current standards of care.

Through our simulation models, we envision a dual scenario – one where the current care prevails and another where your technology is used. Drawing from diverse data points including clinical studies, medical guidelines, financial factors, and quality of life indicators, we generate a comprehensive portrayal of your technology's value.

Health Economics

The value of a technology depends on many factors which makes dynamic analytics of great importance



Value of technology depends on the population in which it is used (e.g. low, intermediate and high risk)



Whether the technology is used in a small hospital or major centre might impact its value


Medical pathway

How current diagnostic and treatment pathways are defined significantly impacts the value of technology


Country flags

Amongst other aspects, costs can differ between countries and therewith the country is an important factor in the value assessment

Incremental technology


Adjustments to the technology can influence its value. For instance, AI technology is constantly developing and therewith the value is constantly changing



The value can differ between individuals, depending on patient and disease characteristics

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VP Sales & Marketing

"We use a cost-effectiveness tool developed by Medip Analytics in the discussion with hospitals in multiple countries including Spain, UK, Slovenia, and Poland. It allows us to show the added value of the test in the right context"

Mid-sized Biotech company


"​Currently, our company is in the process of visiting potential clients to demonstrate how our product can influence the treatment pathway of patients using the tools of Medip Analytics. This allows us to show the value and potential impact of our product in a real-world setting."

Scale-up Biotech company


"We greatly benefit from the simple tool that we can give to doctors that can calculate the added value of our product depending on various alternative treatments."

MedTech company

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With Medip Analytics, you're not just getting a product, you're gaining a partner committed to your success. A partner who understands that your success is crucial in addressing the global healthcare challenges of today and tomorrow

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