Revolutionizing Health Economics with Innovative High-Tech Software for Diagnostic and Prognostic Solutions.

Explore the future of health economics with our innovative high-tech software, redefining diagnostics and prognostics while measuring impact. Our companion products complement this revolutionary approach for a holistic healthcare experience.


Discover your new technology's impact through our simulations, comparing current care to its implementation. MEDIP SOFTWARE can show the value of your new medical innovation, taking into account all relevant factors such as population, country, patient pathway and costs.

Discover your technology's impact through our data driven simulations.

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Context Specific

The context of stakeholders differs in population, pathways, and cost levels. The software can show the value of products within these different contexts.

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Dynamic and Flexible

When new data is available regarding your test or when new landmark studies are published, these can be incorporated with ease.

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Fast, accessible, and secure

Our platform is cloud-based and always accessible. Optimized simulations ensure fast performance, while state-of-the-art security protects your data.

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Intuitive Design

We believe it is important to understand how the value of diagnostic tests arises. Our software incorporates a step-by-step approach to guide your stakeholders through the pathway.

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Optimization of value

Using your study data, the threshold of the test can be refined based on the specific information gathered during your research, allowing it to reach optimal value.

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Scientific foundation

We include data from scientific literature to provide a robust scientific basis for the calculations.

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VP Sales & Marketing

"We use a cost-effectiveness tool developed by Medip Analytics in the discussion with hospitals in multiple countries including Spain, UK, Slovenia, and Poland. It allows us to show the added value of the test in the right context"

Mid-sized Biotech company


"​Currently, our company is in the process of visiting potential clients to demonstrate how our product can influence the treatment pathway of patients using the tools of Medip Analytics. This allows us to show the value and potential impact of our product in a real-world setting."

Scale-up Biotech company


"We greatly benefit from the simple tool that we can give to doctors that can calculate the added value of our product depending on various alternative treatments."

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