Health economic software for diagnostics, prognostics, and companion diagnostics

Medip Analytics develops software which is able to calculate and showcase the value of diagnostic, prognostic, and companion diagnostic tests to payers and healthcare providers. In these calculations we take into account the specific context and setting of these stakeholders, which improves its credibility and applicability. This results in a more convincing value proposition and increased uptake of the test.


Our data-driven platform showcases the impact of diagnostic tests by highlighting their impact on health outcomes, cost, and cost-effectiveness in the specific context of healthcare institutions or insurers. This approach not only aids in convincing healthcare providers and insurers of the value of these tests but also ensures that the value demonstrations remain relevant in the dynamic healthcare market. By combining intuitive presentation with scientific rigor and state-of-the-art modeling, our platform accelerates market adoption and supports decision-making processes in the highly competitive diagnostics sector.

We provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional consultancy reports, which often carry a hefty price tag per publication with set parameters. Our services, however, ensure that your model remains up-to-date, offering swift and limitless adjustments tailored to your specific needs.


Discover your technology's impact through our data driven simulations.

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Context-Specific Insights

Our software tailors its analysis to the unique contexts of different stakeholder groups, accounting for variations in population demographics, patient pathways, and cost structures. It reveals the specific value your products bring to each unique scenario.

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Adaptable and Up-to-Date

Easily update the software with new data from your tests or incorporate findings from recent landmark studies. Our platform ensures your analyses remain current and relevant.

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Always On, Swift, and Secure

Thanks to our cloud-based infrastructure, access is guaranteed anytime, anywhere. We provide rapid simulation results without compromising on data security, employing the latest protections for your sensitive information.

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User-Friendly Interface

Understanding the impact of diagnostic tests is crucial. Our software guides users through each step of the evaluation process, making complex data understandable and actionable for all stakeholders.

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Value Optimization

Leverage your research data to fine-tune the diagnostic threshold, enhancing the test's efficacy and value based on real-world insights and outcomes.

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Grounded in Science

Incorporating evidence from scientific research, our platform stands on a solid scientific foundation, ensuring your value propositions are backed by credible and authoritative data.

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How Medip Software has helped Biotech and Medtech companies make an impact

Medip Software is providing up-to-date context specific health economic analyses that demonstrate the cost-effectiveness and value of new health technologies.
By arming the sales force with data-driven insights, we've enhanced their ability to engage effectively with clients, improving sales success rates through more compelling and informed discussions.
Medip Software has simplified payer negotiations by presenting clear, scientifically backed value propositions, increasing product credibility and facilitating smoother, more efficient discussions.
Our software has significantly accelerated the market integration of diagnostic and prognostic technologies, enabling companies to swiftly adapt to and thrive in the rapidly changing healthcare landscape.
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